The Chronicles of Miyu

This is my real name, in Chinese character 你好

Well, I have the two qualities you require to see absolute truth. I am brilliant and unloved. I’m a huge believer of Linux. I believe that Linux is the future of the world. In the world without walls and fences, who need Windows and Gates?

I believe the best way to live is to know how to apply what we have learn. If the pen is mightier than the swords, then why action speaks louder than words?

I’m a 26 years old, Software Engineer. I like exploiting technology. By destroy we learn how to build. 🙂

And as fast as we learn how to steps, we eventually will fly. But there is no need to rush to anything. Karma is everything. My favorite quote is just this: Life is a long path to a goal. Drop your heavy luggage and enjoy walking with your hands empty


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