If a person who speaks for another or for a group is called Jurubahasa, does that means Software Engineer is also one? D:

Must be weird when someone ask you, what does a Software Engineer do? Tell me in a way that I can understand. And you said, I translate human and machine language, literally.

So how many language can you do?

Well, 2-3 that I have been using regularly, and several others that I rarely use. (while counting your fingers, Java, PHP, Dot Net, Python bla bla bla)

Ok, that’s kinda amazing.


Image Dari Google

Honestly, people didn’t know what are you talking about. More or less do they care. They never know that, unlike human language, computer is one hell of a Grammar Nazi. One small “grammatical” error, typing error, is just unacceptable. Every single command you give (except comment) is gonna effect the whole damn thing.

Still, we get so little appreciation in this country.